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Mission Statement and Goals


Mission Statement:

To serve the public of South Carolina by providing open and effective regulation and adjudication of the state's public utilities, through consistent administration of the law and regulatory process.

  • Seek to ensure that the citizens of the State receive appropriate levels of customer satisfaction and quality of service for those services provided through the entities regulated by this Commission.

  • Seek to ensure that within a more competitive utility environment that core or captive customers with little market power are not unduly burdened with the costs of competition and are provided appropriate service and service options.

  • Seek to encourage innovation through the enhancement of Commission processes and the attainment of self-actualization by Commission employees through empowering these employees to carry out their responsibilities and rewarding them for their contribution to the attainment of Commission goals.

  • Seek to modify the organizational process of the Commission in such a manner as to provide for the incorporation of project teams to address specific complex short-term issues that arise as a result of the dynamic nature of the utility industry regulated by this Commission.

  • Provide an open, accessible and efficient regulatory process which is fair, cost effective and unbiased, while also exploring alternative methods of regulating the entities subject to the Commission's jurisdiction.

  • Seek to ensure that the regulatory process results in fair and reasonable outcomes.

  • Encourage efficiency, innovation, and technological growth among regulated entities.

  • For the regulated entities, facilitate the provision of safe services at levels of quality and reliability which satisfy customer needs.

  • Seek to ensure that all regulated entities' services to consumers comply with all legal requirements subject to the Commission's jurisdiction.