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Pro Se Litigant Guide

What is a pro se litigant?

pro se litigant is someone who decides to represent himself or herself before the Public Service Commission ("Commission") without the assistance of a trained and licensed attorney.  In most cases, a pro se litigant would be involved as either a person who files a complaint against a utility or transportation company regulated by the Commission, or a person who decides to intervene in a case that someone else has filed with the Commission.

"Pro se" is a Latin term that means "for yourself". The great majority of litigants who appear before the Commission are represented by an attorney who has been trained in the law and is familiar with the applicable court rules and procedures.  Parties or litigants who are not represented by licensed attorneys are generally referred to as pro se parties or pro se litigants.


Please click here for a complete copy of the Pro Se Litigant Guide.

This Guide is not intended to serve as legal advice to the reader, and the Commission is, in no way through publications of this Guide, attempting to replace the legal advice provided by an attorney licensed to practice law in South Carolina.  In the unlikely event that this Guide contains a conflict with the law of the State of South Carolina or any other applicable law, the relevant applicable law prevails.